e-BizNET 1.5 for Windows 10


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E-BizNET is a program aimed at small businesses who want to start selling online through its own online store. Installing an online store generated in the e-BizNET does not require commercial Internet account or knowledge of HTML syntax. The program is integrated into the sales system so that users can automatically issue invoices and bills based on the received orders from the e-shop (now, however, must be active to use PHP). The system also allows the production of documents, regardless of sales orders from your store. Products in the e-shop can be divided into categories and sub-categories with a choice of different style online store. E-Biznet is equipped with an FTP client with which e-commerce is sent to serwer.Klient Mail allows us to create your own message templates. An important feature of the program is its clarity and functionality while maintaining the ease of use.